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Pricing Guide

We take the guess work out of budgeting. Take an opprutunity to review the cost of  landscaping and hardscaping elements that New London County Landscaping + Design can provide for you. This will help you understand the general cost of projects and help you build a realistic budget for your upcoming project. 













Base Price
Ways to Save
Add Ons

Avoid curves & keep it straight. Stick to one color, common patterns, same size pavers.

Make it curve and add bands + borders with different colors.


Pavers: $18-35 sq ft

Average Cost: $2,650


Natural Stone: $20-30 sq ft Average Cost: $2,400


*price based on 100 sq ft (25' x4')

Pavers: $10-25 sq ft

Average Cost: $7,000


Natural Stone: $18-30 sq ft

Average Cost: $9,600

*price based on 400 sq ft (20' x 20')

Avoid curves & keep it straight. Stick to one color, common patterns, same size pavers.

Make it curve and add bands + borders with different colors. Add raised patio areas, outdoor kitches and firepits.



Paver Driveways are a big ticket item but might be the best bang for your buck. They will last a lifetime and will provide a great return on your investment.

Crushed stone driveway are a good alternative  to keep cost down but can add maintenance. Avoid curves & keep it straight. 

Crushed Stone: $3-6 sq ft

Average Cost: $2,600


Concrete: $7-12 sq ft

Average Cost: $5,500


Pavers: $14-26 sq ft

Average Cost: $11,500

*price based on 576 sq ft (2 car driveway)



Interlocking Blocks:

$45-65 sq ft

Average Cost: $8,250


Boulder: $25-40 sq ft

Average Cost: $4,875


Poured Concrete:

$30-40 sq ft

Average Cost: $5,250

*price based on 150 sq ft (50'L x 3'H)

Keep the wall straight and single sided. Free standing walls will cost more. When using interlocking blocks keep it straight and use a larger block and keep it under 4'.

Adding steps to a wall will add cost but also add functionality. Walls over 4' will need engineering but can really make a statement on your property. Adding tiers to a retaining wall allows for plantings to be incorporated into the design.  

Retaining Walls



$.80-1.25 sq ft

Average Cost: $5,125


Sod: $1.40-1.70 sq ft

Average Cost: $7,750


Hand Seeding:

$.70-1.15 sq ft

Average Cost: $4,625

*price based new lawn, 5000 sq ft soil   included 

Hand seeding is going to be the most cost effictive method to install. Watering your lawn is going to be a requirement.

Installing sod will give you an instant lawn. If you add irrigation to your new lawn we can almost guarentee you a green return on your investment.



Flagging Stone:$20-45 sq ft

Average Cost: $9,100

*price based 280 sq ft (20'x14')

Choosing a stone that is local to the region will keep the cost down. Also the material thickness can drive the price one way or the other. Installation of factory cut edges (squared) will keep cost down.

Add a natural stone border along with a flagging stone will help enhance the natural nature of the stone.

Flagging Stone


Chain Link: $7-14 ln ft

Average Cost: $2,100


Wood: $15-25 ln ft

Average Cost: $4,000


Vinyl: $25-35 ln ft

Average Cost: $6,000

*price based 200 ln ft

A good rule of thumb is to strive for 90 degree angles and intersections. This simple alignment will avoid customizations that can drive the price up.

Adding custom gates, with special hardwares, locking systems and even alarms can add value and functionality to an ordinary fence.



Transformer: $545


Photocell: $45


Fixtures:$35-75 each

Wiring: $.45 ln ft


6 Lighting Fixture

System Cost: $2,100

Keep the lighting system simple. Run all wires on the inside or outside of walkways to avoid running conduit. Using less fixtures will keep down the amount or size of the transformer.

Lighting systems add on are endless. They can be zoned, times and motion censored. The fixtures can be install in pavers, on trees and in the ground.

Landscape Lighting


Interlocking: $850


Custom Stone: $1200


Built In: $4,500+



Custom stone and built in firepits/places can the center attraction on a patio. With it being the focal point it could be nice to invest in some customization to make the firepit/place just how you like it.

Interlocking firepits come as a custom pre-packaged kit. This allows for the cost to stay lower as there is no custom fitting of each stone.


Customize the shape with built in eating areas, grills, pizza ovens and sinks. Add a nice counter top to really make a statement.

Keep the design square and use dimensions that will keep material cutting down. The countertop material can swing the price in each direction. Appliance selection will do the same.

Average Cost: $3,500+


Outdoor Kitchens


 If you have an outdoor fireplace, bar, or large entertaining area, a solid roof extends the seasons during which you can enjoy your outdoor hangout.

The more wood (or any material) you use, the higher the cost. So more square footage or height, larger beams, and solid-roofs will all increase cost. Using an inexpensive pressure-treated post wrapped with a more attractive wood can cut cost..

Average Cost:$3,00-10,000+



Plan and design for a full blooming perannial bed. A well designed bed will bloom throughout the year providing ample color and vibrancy.

You can save money by planting smaller container sizes. Planning for mature growth will allow for proper placement and spacing at the time of installation. Will this is not recommended the warranty for the plant can be removed to also save money.

Plantings:$10.00-19.00 sq ft

Average Cost: $2,900

*price based 200 sq ft plant bed

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